December 11, 2010

Zone Conference 2 (Service)

In the last zone conference post I talked about one of the solutions we came up for overcoming the winter blues. Another solution that was suggested was to do missionary work or service to others.  There are many people in this world that could use a little service.  As missionaries we find opportunities all around us and often have to decide which people to help.  Service comes in a variety of forms and can be as simple as smiling at someone or holding a door open.  In the scriptures it talks about how when we serve our fellow men, we serve God Mosiah 2:17.  When we serve God or our fellow men we qualify for extra blessings if we do the service with a good attitude.  Just like it says in Mosiah 2:9,  this is one of the mysteries of God.  You would think that the person we are serving is being blessed, and they are, but we are also blessed as a result of serving them. The Christmas season is the perfect time to watch out for those in need and provide service for them.  Not only will they be blessed by your service, but you in turn will be blessed.  Part of having the spirit of Christmas is having the spirit of service.  This will also help pull you from the winter blues as you focus on others and not yourself.  Christ gave us the perfect example of service.  His whole life was filled in the service of His people.  The greatest act of service was performed by Him and I am so grateful for His sacrifice.  As a gift to Him who is mighty to save, let us serve one another this Christmas season.

President Monson shares inspired encouragement to give service and help to those who are in need.

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