December 7, 2010

Church Websites

Recently the church has had a big push on the internet.  I've listed some websites that they have really put a lot of effort into and that I have enjoyed visiting.  One of them is called Mormon messages, it is a great missionary tool for our friends as well as for our own benefit.  For our preparation day we were able to view a lot of the videos and enjoyed them a lot. 
-Mormon Messages
We also were able to watch some of the profile videos and those were inspirational as well. has come out with about 40 new videos featuring different people who are mormon and their story.
The church has also come out with a new layout for their homepage.  It is more user friendly and has an improved search engine which I personally like a lot better than the old one.
In closing I would like to share one last link to a talk from Elder M. Russel Ballard.  He talks about sharing the gospel online and talks about the benefits for doing so.  The internet has been used for evil long enough, it's time we use it for the purpose it was given to us: to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
-Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet

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