December 15, 2010

Service in Action

Today we had the chance to work at a food bank in Butte.  It was fun to put into action the principle of service that we were reminded of at our zone conference.  We did several odd jobs like sweeping the floor, stacking pallets, and breaking down boxes, but the job that we all enjoyed the most was helping the people get food into their cars.  There was something in their eyes that you could tell they were tired and in need of assistance and it was neat to help them out.  We also enjoyed talking with the man in charge of the bank because he was a great guy.  You could tell by the way he acted that he was a great guy and really cared for these people.  The whole time we were working with these volunteers there was a great spirit of service there.  Everyone was eager to help out in any way that they could.  With all of the evil in the world today, it was nice to see people working together for others with cheerful hearts.  Service gives back to you more than you put into it.  I know this principle to be true and received a wonderful feeling for helping others today.

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