May 14, 2011

The Falcon, Prophet, and Holy Ghost

There once was a mighty king who enjoyed hunting more than anything. He had a trusted friend, a falcon, whom he would take on his hunting trips. The falcon had been trained to fly high above the hunters and alert them to where the game was.
  One day the king took his trusted men and his prized falcon out to hunt. After a day of traversing the land the hunters became disoriented and lost their way. They were tired and thirsty, so when they heard the sound of rushing water
they were overjoyed. They discovered a
pool of clear water with a steady stream of water splashing into it. The king took his goblet from  the servant's pack and bent to catch the clear, cool water and once more the falcon swooped down and knocked it from his hand. By know the king was extremely angry and asked for his gun. The bird that he considered his friend had spilled his water for the second time. The king wondered why the falcon had turned on him.
  The king attempted to fill his cup a third time, but the bird again knocked it from his hand. The king lifted his rifle to shoot the falcon, yet just as he was about to pull the trigger his servant called for him to come and look. The king walked up the hill and behind some trees, above where he was to have taken the drink. In the river was the decaying carcass of an elk. The water that had looked so fresh and inviting could have easily killed him. The falcon could see farther than the king, and had warned him of the danger.

  This is the same with a prophet. Things may look good to us, but in actuality can be harmful. The prophet is who is going to warn us.

  This story can also be related to the Holy Ghost.  While the falcon did warn the king of the danger that he could not see, a lot of the time the prophet is not there to help us make decisions.  The falcon can be symbolic of the Holy Ghost as well because of it's immediate promptings.

My testimony is that we have both working in our lives today.  The prophet gives us the knowledge we need to make right choices, while the Holy Ghost confirms everything that he tells us.  I know that if we follow both of these heavenly influences that we will be protected as we go through this dangerous world.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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