March 5, 2011


Photo by David Daniel
Here is a picture of the historic tabernacle in Provo Utah. It was built in 1883 and has a lot of intricate and hand-carved woodwork. The Tabernacle has been used as a community center for musical concerts and occasional Church meetings. The historic tabernacle was heavily damaged by a four-alarm fire Dec. 17, 2011 that is believed to have begun in the building's second story.

A replica painting of the second coming of Christ survived the fire. On Friday it was hanging just inside a doorway unburned.  Unfortunately, fire crews were not able to stop the burn until the next day on Saturday.  During the night, the fire kept on smoldering and something amazing happened...

Photo by John Curtis
By Saturday morning the fire crews had put most of the fire out.  While surveying the damage, Mayor John Curtis snapped this picture.  Miraculously, the portion of the painting outlining Christ had been untouched while the rest of the painting was charred.  Some are calling this a Christmas miracle. 

Was this just a coincidence?  What do you think?  God's hand was certainly in this.  The Creator of the Earth definitely has control of all the elements.  His very voice commands them and they obey.  God is in control and as long as we obey Him we will escape the fiery darts of the adversary.

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