January 1, 2011

Look Not Behind Thee

Why do we have New Years Resolutions?  Aren't we all perfect the way we are?  Of course not, we all have things to work on and improve, that's why we set these goals.  However, a lot of the time I think that we look at all of the negative things we do, when we should be looking to the future.

Many of us focus on the things of the past.  Our Heavenly Father, however, has an eternal perspective and sees us where we are, where we can be, and how we can get there.  We should look forward for this new year and set goals that will help us get where we need to be.  Don't look back on the past sins and transgressions of yester-year, but rather focus on what we can do this year, this month, this week, this day, and this hour.  Remember:

Faith Points to the Future

Forgive and Forget

The Best Is Yet to Be

Leaving the Past in the Past

The Best is yet to Be
By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 

1 comment:

  1. I am now going to make some resolutions. Thank You kind, friendly sir.


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