November 30, 2010

A Christ-Centered Christmas

Our mission president has recently asked us to study the over 18 pages of references to our Saviour Jesus Christ in anticipation of our upcoming zone conference.  It has been great to have time to study about the Redeemer of the world as we approach this Christmas season.  Most recently I have looked up the different verses that talk about the coming of Christ and there are a lot of them.  Here is what I have found:
-Jesus Christ is the bread of life and this was shown as early as in the days of Moses with the Manna that was fed to the Children of Israel.  This is found in Exodus 16:11-15 as well as in John 6:48-58.

-Jesus Christ is the Rock of our Salvation as well as the living water.  When Moses smote the rock in the wilderness this was symbolic of when Christ was beaten.  Jesus also provides us of the living water that "springs up into everlasting life."  This is found in Exodus 17:5-6 as well as in 1 Corinthians 10:1-4.

-Just as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent, Jesus Christ was to be lifted up on the cross to bear the sins of the world.  This is one of the most symbolic references and is applied in a lot of scriptures and other church material.  In this month's (December 2010: Modern-day Fiery Serpents) issue of the Ensign it talks about the modern day serpents that plague our world.  All we have to do is look to Christ in these perilous times to find the answer to our concerns.  Having faith in Christ and his Atonement and truly repenting of our sins is the only way we are able to overcome spiritual death.  I also like how this is referenced in John 3:14-17 as I had never made that connection before.  

I am so blessed in my life to have the knowledge of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This knowledge has given me hope in my life as well as a willingness to always improve myself so that I can one day return with honor to live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as well as my family.  I love the work that I am involved in and love the people of Montana and Wyoming.

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